Migrate from Eleventy

How to migrate your project from Eleventy to Lume.

Eleventy is a great SSG with a big community. It inspired Lume, so if you have an Eleventy project and want to migrate to Lume (maybe it's not a good idea) or simply are familiar with Eleventy and want to see the differences with Lume, this short guide outlining the most important differences can help.


  • In Eleventy, the configuration file is .eleventy.js, in Lume is _config.ts.
  • To ignore files, prepend the filename with a . or _, or use site.ignore("filename").
  • To add a plugin in Lume: site.use(plugin()) (in Eleventy it is config.addPlugin(plugin))
  • To copy a file/folder in Lume: site.copy("img") (in Eleventy it is config.addPassthroughCopy("img"))
  • To add a filter in Lume: site.filter("name", filterFn) (in Eleventy it is config.addFilter("name", filterFn)).
  • To add a custom tag in Lume, use site.helper("name", helperFn, {type: "tag"}).

Template languages

  • In Lume, HTML files are not processed by default.
  • There's no support for Handlebars (.hbs) or Mustache (.mustache) files (but it would be easy to create a plugin for that)
  • Instead of .ejs, Lume uses .eta template engine.

Site build

  • In Lume, there isn't the concept of collections. To get a list of pages, use the search helper.
  • In Lume, all data files are _data.* or _data/*. In Eleventy there are different ways to place data, and _data/* is only used for global data.
  • To paginate in Lume, you have to create a .tmpl.js or .tmpl.ts file exporting a generator (more info). There's no way to do it using the front matter, like in Eleventy.
  • The event beforeWatch in Eleventy is named beforeUpdate in Lume.

11ty plugins

Lume does not yet have support for server side rendering (but it's on the radar).
There's the imagick plugin for that.
Cache assets
There isn't a plugin for that.
There's the FEED plugin for that.
Syntax Highlighting
There's the code highlight plugin and prism plugin for that.
There's the search helper and nav plugin for that.
Inclusive Language
There's the Inclusive language plugin for that.

Things that Lume does and Eleventy doesn't

  • Process assets (like css, js or svg files).
  • Support for JSX and TSX.
  • You can search pages by any criteria, not only tags.
  • It's easy to add processors and preprocessors to do arbitrary things like manipulating HTML code using DOM APIs.