Search and paginate

Using the search and paginate helper to create dynamic pages.

The variables search and paginate are global functions that allow searching other pages and paginating the result.

Searching pages

The function search.pages() returns an array of pages you can filter and sort. For example, to search pages having the variable category set to music, use the following code:

  {% for page in search.pages("category=music") %}
  <li>{{ }}</li>
  {% endfor %}

Each page is an object with all info related with this page. The property data contains all data assigned to this page (like variables in the front matter, or in the _data.* files). In the example above, we use the title of every page to build the list.

The search helper is very powerful and has more interesting features. Go to the Search plugin documentation for more info.


You can combine the search helper with paginate helper to group the result under different pages. For example:

export const layout = "layouts/post-list.njk";

export default function* ({ search, paginate }) {
  const musicPages = search.pages("category=music");
  const pagination = paginate(musicPages);

  for (const page of pagination)) {
    yield page;

Go to the Paginate plugin documentation to see more info and available configuration.