JSON Installed

Add support for JSON to store data and create pages.


This plugin is installed by default. 🎉


If you want to change the default configuration, use the second argument of lume() function in your _config.ts file. See all available options in Deno Doc.

import lume from "lume/mod.ts";

// JSON plugin configuration
const json = {
  pagesExtensions: [".page.json"],

const site = lume({}, { json });

export default site;


This plugin allows you to create pages and store data using the JSON format.

Create pages

Create a file with the extension .tmpl.json in your src folder. For example:

  "title": "Welcome to my page",
  "layout": "layouts/main.njk",
  "content": "This is my first post using lume,\nI hope you like it!"

Create data files

Create a file with the name _data.json or inside a _data directory.