URL Installed

Provide the url filter to fix and resolve URLs.


This plugin provides the url and htmlUrl filters to fix the page URLs in the pages and layouts.


This plugin is installed by default. 🎉

url filter

The filter url normalizes a single path with the location value that you have configured in _config.js. It's useful if your site is in a subdirectory or you want to generate absolute URLs.

<a href="{{ '/about-us' | url }}">

<!-- Full URL -->
<a href="{{ '/about-us' | url(true) }}">

Use the character ~ to use the source file name instead of the final URL. The plugin automatically will detect the final URL for you. This is useful for dynamic URLs and automatically updating all links to a page when the URL of this page changes. For example:

<a href="{{ '~/about-us.md' | url }}">

<!-- Will be converted to -->
<a href="/about-us/">

If you don't want to use this filter everywhere, you may be interested in the Base path plugin

htmlUrl filter

This filter is similar to url but it works with HTML code: it searches and normalizes all URLs found in href and src attributes:

text: 'Go to <a href="/">Homepage</a>'
<div>{{ text | htmlUrl | safe }}</div>