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Run the following to setup Lume:

deno run -Ar

Supports any template engine

Create pages using Markdown, Nunjucks, Liquid, JSX, TSX, JavaScript, TypeScript, Pug, Eta… or add your own engine easily.

# Galician municipalities

- O Pino
- Tordoia
- Ordes
- Cedeira

Store the data in your favorite format

Store your data using static formats like JSON or YAML. Use JavaScript or TypeScript to get the data from a Database or API.

title: Galician municipalities
  - O Pino
  - Tordoia
  - Ordes
  - Cedeira

Process HTML pages and assets

Processors can compile and optimize assets like CSS or JavaScript. They can also transform the HTML code using the DOM API.

site.process([".css"], (file) => {
  file.content = customTransform(file.content);

Run your scripts and listen for events

You can create custom scripts like in NPM and execute them from the CLI or after any event.

site.script("deploy", "rsync -r _site/");

And everything with a clean and intuitive API

Configure your site build in a single _config.ts or _config.js file with plugins and a simple and clean API.

import lume from "lume/mod.ts";

const site = lume();

export default site;

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