Field to upload and store files

The field of type file is used to upload and store files. It display a <input type="file"> in the UI.


  name: "image",
  type: "file",
  uploads: "uploads",

Available options

In addition to the common options (see fields documentation for more info), this field has the following options:


The name of the upload method used to store the file. It's a string with the format upload_name:directory. For example, if you have an Upload registered with the name images and want to save the files in the posts subdirectory, the value is images:posts.

If it's not provided, the first upload value registered will be used. For example:

// Register the "images" upload
cms.upload("images", "src:images");

cms.document("homepage", "src:index.yml", [
  "title: text",
  "content: markdown",
  "cover: file", // The `images` upload is used by default