Field to store a list of string elements

The field of type list is used to store a list of strings. For example, if in your page you have the following structure:

  - 4 potatoes
  - 6 egg
  - salt
  - onion (optional)

Use a list field to allow to add, remove and reorder these elements in the CMS:

  name: "ingredients",
  type: "list",

See Object list if you need to store a list of objects.

Available options

This field only accept the options name, type, label and description from the common options. It also accepts the following options:


A list of predefined values to suggest to the user for this input. Technically, it creates a <datalist> element with the options. Each option can be a string or an object with label and value properties. Example:

  name: "ingredients",
  type: "list",
  options: [