Converts the data structure to FFF


FFF is a front matter specification designed to be framework-agnostic, so you can reuse your data with different static site generators, like Hexo, Hugo or Lume.

This plugin converts the page data to follow the FFF standard, so if you use this standard with any other SSG and want to migrate to Lume (or viceversa), this plugin should ease the migration.


Import this plugin in your _config.ts file to use it:

import lume from "lume/mod.ts";
import fff from "lume/plugins/fff.ts";

const site = lume();

site.use(fff(/* Options */));

export default site;


The plugin can modify the page data using the Flavor Transform feature.

As an example, Lume Data model use the variable date to save the page date. But date can have many meanings (creationg date, last update date, published date, etc). FFF standard defines three date variables: created, updated and published and it will create one of these variables from the date variable:

  date: "published", // Create the variable 'published' from the variable 'date'

See FFF documentation for more info.